Source: Adventures in Card Play Wikipedia: The progressive squeeze (also termed a “repeating squeeze”) is a contract bridge squeeze that gains two tricks by squeezing one and the same player twice, hence the name. A progressive squeezes is a subset of triple squeezes that, depending both on entries and on positional factors, may result in a subsequent, simple, two-suit squeeze that takes place against the opponent who has just been triple squeezed. Confusing the issue is that some triple squeezes can become progressive squeezes through misdefense. Dealer South. N/S Vul
6 5 A K Q 4 9 5 3 A Q J 9
A J 10 9 2 J 8 5 Q 4 8 6 5 7 4 3 10 9 7 2 J 10 8 K 4 2
K Q 8 6 3 A K 7 6 2 10 7 3
West North East South
Pass 1 Pass 2
Pass 3 Pass 3NT
Pass Pass Pass
West led the J, and when you hold off he continues with the ten of spades to your queen. You have seven top tricks, and the obvious way of trying for your contract is by taking the club finesse. Howewver, your table presence may tell you that West would have bid one spade if he had held the K as well as a decent spade suit. In that case your only chance is to return the king of spade at trick three. On the long spades you discard two clubs and a diamond from dummy(not two diamonds, for then East discards a heart and West switches to diamonds). East is squeezed in three suits and has to establish one of your menace cards. And your promptly use the established winner ro squeeze him again for the ninth trick. Note that it does not suffice to win the first spade a return the suit, West will lead a club a trick three. As in all squeeze situations, each particular hand may have its own small complesitiies. Don’t forget to follow us @