The WBF Youth Bridge Training

is a BRAND NEW!!! Facebook Group created by WBFY. 

Gilad Ofir
Gilad Ofir

Gilad Ofir:  WBF Youth Bridge Training Coordinator

The new Facebook Group of the WBF is dedicated to the Captains/Coaches/Coordinators of NBO’s around the worlds. Click here to Join the new FaceBook group:

WBF Youth Bridge Training

Hi to the leaders of the Youth Bridge around the world
The main goal of this group is to allow us to find and set International practice matches easily between the NBO’s.
By that we’ll be able to build strong and living community which will help us (and our players) to promote Youth Bridge, share ideas and know each other better.
In the link above you’ll be able to find the List of the people on this group and there titles. It can be Captains, Coaches, head of youth project and so on…

Click here

If your name is not In that List, please let us know.
Last thing, We kindly request you to share information about training match that you set: Who are the teams, which category, When, and most important what was the result
Good luck and Have fun

Members List (till now):

WBF – Gilad Ofir – Youth Bridge Coordinator
WBF – Simon Fellus – WBF Secretary
WBF – Fernando Alfredo Lema – Youth Magazine editor

EBL – Micke Melander – Youth C. Chairman
EBL – Trine Binderkrantz – Youth C. Member
EBL – Milan Macura – Youth C. Member

Argentine: Carlos Lucena – U26 Coach & Captain

Botswana – Mafa Letsogile – Coach & Captain

Brazil – Leao Carvalho – U26 Coach & Captain

Chile – Hanoi Rondon – U26 – U21 & Girls Captain

Colombia – Carlos Hoyos -U26 Coach & Captain

Czech R. – Milan Macura – U26 Captain
Czech R. – Vladimír Machát – U21 Captain
Czech R. – Michal Kralik – U21 Captain

Denmark – Morten Rasmussen Bune – Coach and captain
Denmark – Morten Bilde – Youth C. chairman and founder of Schoolbridge

France – Benoît Devèze – U16 Captain

Greece – Vassilis Virvidakis – U16 Captain
Greece – Dinos Doxiadis – U26 Captain
Greece – Dimitris Papaspyrou – Responsible for the “Under 16, 2015 -2019” project

Israel – Moshiko Meyouhas – U16 Captain, Head of youth project
Israel – Danny Loonstein – U21 Captain
Israel – Yotam Bar Yosef – U26 Captain
Israel – Bar Tarnovski – U26 & U21 Coach

Italy: Dario Attanasio – U21 & Girls Coach

Italy: Valerio Giubilo – U26 Coach

Norway – Kristian Barstad Ellingsen – U16 Captain

Poland – Marek Markowski – Youth Coach & U26 Captain

Sweden – Martin Löfgren – Youth Coach & U26 Captain

Turkey – TunCay Altun – U16 Captain
Turkey – Suleyman Kolata – Youth Coordinator
Turkey – Seyhan Keskin Demiroğlu – Youth Coach
Turkey – TC Ahmet Yegit – Youth Coach