Dear Madam, Dear Sir, I’m honored to invite your university (college) to the 3rd PCU International University Bridge Trophy from 29 to 31 October 2021 at the University of Antwerp (BELGIUM). A Duplicate Bridge Tournament for 8 teams will be held, taking into account the applicable anti-Covid-9 measurements. Participation in the PCU International University Bridge Trophy is free of charge and ensures a free sports and events program for 8 universities and university colleges worldwide. Teams book their own accommodation and pay directly to the hotel or hostel of their choice. The main objective is to offer students a platform where sport is considered as a valuable instrument to develop international interaction and experience, with emphasis on the International Olympic Committee recognized Panathlon values of Fair Play and Universal Friendship.

In addition, for those students unable to travel, on 27 October, an online pairs tournament (PCU Bridge@Home) will be organized.

Francis Van Loon

For more information about the 3rd PCU International University Bridge Trophy, please visit the official website Best sportive regards, Baron Francis Van Loon Honorary Rector University of Antwerp

Information desk 3rd PCU International University Bridge Trophy University of Antwerp Sports Office Middelheimlaan 1 B-2020 Antwerp (BELGIUM) (T) + 32 3 265 37 44 (E)