Source: figbpiemonte Regional Committee Bridge Piedmont
January 15 2019

We have just completed the first Provincial School Bridge Championships at the Circolo Bridge Novara. Novara will be only the first of the provinces to organize a provincial phase: we are already working to create a new strong youth movement that will be a source of pride for all of us.

Here is the podium:

Open Category

1 Giacomo Brigatti and Michele Milani (Bonfantini)
2 Giulio Cipollina and Emanuele Toniutti (Antonelli)
3 Luca De Vecchi and Samuele Curti (Bonfantini).

Girls Category

1 Martina Galli and Susanna Casetta (Bonfantini)
2 Sabrina Busetti and Laura Lo Bianco (Antonelli)
3 Chiara Persico and Silvia Scienza (Bonfantini)

Mixed Couples

1 Matteo Bovio and Maria Chiara Bianchi
2 Carlotta Bergamaschi and Sebastian Recalde
3 Giada Nalin and Lorenzo Schinelli

Great satisfaction on the part of all the intervening children and of the professors promoting the event Anna Barbieri of I.I.S. Bonfantini and Giancarla Zizza of the Antonelli High School.

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