Source: WBF

Suzhou 2018: 17th World Youth Team Championships

The LOC has arranged in recommended hotels the following rates for full board accommodation ( including breakfast, lunch and dinner):

4 Stars Hotels:

Dong Heng Sheng Hotel (Main Hotel – Walking distance but shuttle if needed)

Wujiang Hotel (shuttle service)

Single occupancy US$ 95 per day
Double Occupancy US$ 70 per day per person

3 Stars Hotels:

Song Ling Hotel (Shuttle service)

Cheng Yuan Song Ling Hotel (Walking distance but shuttle if needed)

Single occupancy US$ 70 per day
Double Occupancy US$ 55 per day per person

All the hotel reservations have to be done through:

Contact person: ZhenYuan Lv
LiXingKang Sports Culture Development (Suzhou) co., ltd
Postal address: No.99, LiZe Road, SongLing Town, 
Wujiang District, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, China

The hotel booking will be on first come first served basis.