Source: Marcin Kuflowski FB Wall
Marcin Kuflowski
It seems that the idea has worked, and over a hundred kids participating in the competition seem to be the best proof of this. Among these hundred, as it was said, the youngest pupils of CKiS Skawina were in the lead. ⁣
⁣The format of the event was to play pairs and team tournaments, and medals were awarded in two age categories – U12 and U10. ⁣
In the U12 category, the favorites won with a giant advantage: Klara Kozłowska (playing for just over half a year!), Kuba Michalski (playing experience – 2 years) and the most experienced – with 3, With 5 years of playing experience – Antek Wójtowicz and Ignacy Kotewicz. However, the third place was sensational, with Karolina Stępkowska, Mateusz Kisielewski, Krzysztof Ziętarski and Błażej Mróz (being literally a hair from “silver”). ⁣
Everyone started training … in August last year, so this success was born after 8 months! ⁣⁣