May 30, 2022 From May 21st to May 28th, 2022, the Zone 3 Trials (youth championships) was played as a qualifier for the world championship in different categories. The venue was the Club Campestre in the city of Cali Colombia and the organization of the event was in charge of Doña Elsa de Castillo and her son Juan Carlos Castillo, both made this event something memorable that will live in the memory of the participants forever.

 U26 Category

In this category the winner and South American Champion is Argentina: Clara Feintuch, Santiago Semberoiz, Ramiro Nuñez, Tomas Popowsky, Francisco Guerra, Baltazar Etchepareborda and Esteban Pugliese (NPC). The silver medal went to Chile: Diana Molina, Camila Yañez, Nicolas Davila and Francisco Basoalto. Both countries obtain the right to represent South America in the next Youth World Championships U26 Category to be played in 2023 in a venue to be designated. The Bronze medal went to Uruguay: Sofia Kosloviz, Cristian Agustin, Andres Arredondo, Martin del Valle, Santiago Suarez, Gonzalo Dufour and Agustin Texeira (PC). All the results: click here

U26 – U21 – U15 Ladies Category

Only four teams played in these categories and all four were automatically qualified to the 2023 World Championships in these categories 2023. Ecuador presented one team per category and the whole area celebrates the excellent work that both Alamiro Pinoargote and Ruben Dario Cabrera are doing at the school level in their country. Bravo! Ecuador U26 Ladies: Cindy Chan, Vivian Chan, Silvia Garcia and Raphalea Arreaga. Ecuador U21: Renata Serrano, Denisse Peralta, Andres Salazar and Nicolai Sortop. Uruguay U21: Kanila Richard, Natasha Kusminsky, Bernardino Ochoa, Mateo Dufour and Agustin Texeira (NPC & Coach). Ecuador U15: Sofia Ballerino – Daniela and Isabela Bernal – Chiara Zuñiga – Emily Jaramillo and Christopher Aguilar. All the results: Click Here

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