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Simon Stocken

August 27, 2019

In the first set of the semi-final between the Californian SIVY team (U26 Gold Medal) against the UK Natt team (U26 Bronce Medal) .

Board 10  U26 Semi-Final Session 1

Game All  Dealer East

K 10 9 7 5
7 5 2
J 8 6 4
A 9 7
Q 10 8 4
K Q 10 9 7
Q 8 3 2
Q 6 3 2
A K 6 3
J 6 4
K J 10 8 5
J 9
A 5 2

The auction:

West North East South
Kennedy  Youngquist Ye Duffie
1 1
2 Pass 2NT Pass
3 Pass 3NT Pass
4 Pass 5 All Pass

Lead: 4

The English pair did well to find the only making game on this hand. The auction was straightforward: South’s overcall is routein although it would guide declarer to the winning line.

South led 4 taken by dummy’s A and declarer crossed to A before leading a club towards dummy. South elected to withhold A and dummy’s Q won the trick.

Ye continued with 10 discarding a spade from hand, won with A by South who exited with J won with dummy’s Q. Now declarer cashed K and continued with a club, trumping out North’s J.

Declarer trumped a spade and played the winning club off dummy, trumped by North and overtrumped. Declarer trumped a spade, stripping South of any safe exit. South had let go two low hearts and so Ye played7 to South who tried the K but could not avoid conceding the 11th trick.

Had North held a singleton J or 10, East will playQ and South will be end-played.

At the other table, South also ducked theA and declarer ruffed out the A to end with 11 tricks. If South does rise with A, then declarer can prevail by drawing trumps and cashing A and then playing clubs, leaving North on lead with J with only spades left in his hand, and very likely to hold K with South having led the suit at trick one.



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