Source: IBPA Column Service JUN 2021
John Carruthers
John Carruthers
Canadian Bridge Federation: John Carruthers is an accomplished player, writer, and administrator. At the time of his induction in the CBF Hall of Fame in 2015, he had played for Canada at the World Championships 14 times. He had also served as the non-playing captain for 12 Canadian Open, Women and Junior teams. Carruthers bridge articles have been published in many countries, including Canada, USA, England, Australia, Pakistan, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and Japan. He has been the editor of the monthly International Bridge Press Association’s Bulletin since 2002. He also served as the editor of ACBL Unit 166 publication, The Kibitzer, for 16 years, and in 2013 he was made a Lifetime Honorary Member of Unit 166. IMPs Dealer East, N/S Vul
10 8 6 4 A 10 8 3 J 8 5 10 5
A Q 5 3 Q 6 4 2 A Q 8 7 3 K 7 2 9 7 6 3 2 A K J 4 2
J 9 K J 9 7 5 K 10 4 Q 9 6
West North East South
Helness Greco Helgemo Hampson
1 1
Dbl 21 Db 2 23
3NT Pass Pass Pass
1. Good heart raise, less than a cue-bid 2. 3 spades 3. Weakest Greco led the eight of hearts, third from an even number. Helness discarded a diamond from the dummy, Hampson played the five, encouraging, and declarer won with his queen. With excellent chances for nine tricks, Helness tried a club to the king, a spade to the queen, then the king and ace of spades. With spades not splitting favorably, declarer needed the club finesse and took it next. Hampson won with his queen and led the seven of hearts: two, three, diamond three. Hampson now had a problem: It was evident that Greco had started with ace-ten-eight-three of hearts and had a spade winner. How could he, Hampson, with the king-jack-nine of hearts remaining, get Greco to unblock the hearts from his remaining ace-ten? Hampson thought that the nine of hearts might convince Greco that declarer had the jack. He solved that problem adroitly by returning the king of hearts. It was then obvious to Greco to overtake with the ace, cash his spade and return the ten of hearts for two off, plus 200 and a push. LEVINE won the match, but lost the final to BERTHEAU (Peter Bertheau/Daniel Zagorin, Gunnar Hallberg/Simon Hult, Oren Toledano/Amir Zamir).

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