Source: Translation to English courtesy of Ms. Anna Gudge A young man from Aire-sur-la-Lys wins the silver medal in the World Youth Bridge Team Championships

Captivated by bridge since the sixth grade, Thibaud Zobel has not stopped playing bridge. He has just won the silver medal in the world youth bridge team championships in China. 

A silver medal, a gift from china and signifying the potential of this young player Thibaud Zobel.

France Kids Team
France Kids Team

“When he was younger he loved playing cards, counting. He is a very logical thinker. Moreover, that is why i wanted him to know bridge” explains Sylvie Zobel.

He has just returned from the Under 16 World Bridge Championships with the silver medal round his neck, after obtaining the European eighth place in Croatia. Mum had been proved right.

At the open doors of the Jean-Jaurès school, before entering the sixth grade, Dany Masset, indefatigable bridge cheerleader, presented the sport of the mind. “this was made for him.” In every way this game of concentration and logic has been good for the young man. “you can play for long periods and nobody will get bored,” he summarizes. 

One year to learn and then to start to participate in federal tournaments.

The French bridge federation has been observing without doubt the rational mind of this young person, his ability and his potential. This led to his  team selection for France. 

Everything but luck.

His ambition was achieved in China, in the World Championships. A success that has not gone to his head he wants to “just continue playing.”