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Youth Bridge is a growing area of interest across Australia, as it is literally the sport’s future. Not just for Australian representation, but a way to increase intellect and participation, starting at a younger age than we first thought possible. As we work with schools to have bridge included into curriculums, we have been advised that 8 years of age is too late to get children interested in an extracurricular activity. Chess as a sport worked with curriculum advisors and soared in attendance. We have been working with a curriculum expert and teacher Rosemary Hare to develop a program to enable us to start the introduction to bridge at a younger age and deliver age appropriate material. Recently we worked with Rosemary and Jamie Thompson to run a “Bring your grandchild to bridge day” at Waverley Bridge Club. The group was split into age and experience, enabling us to host a range of children from six to early 20s. The younger group enjoyed some games around getting to know the suits, games with their grandparents, a basic trick taking game, and making a card holder from alfoil boxes to break up the day. By the end of the day the kids knew about the basics of bridge and were ready for more formal lessons. The Senior group already had an understanding of basic cards and/or were older. They learned Two-Player Bridge, and the basics of bidding and following suit. This successful initiative will now be rolled out over Australia. If you or you club would like more information on Youth Bridge and how to run a Youth day or night, please make contact with your State Coordinator or email us at:

The upcoming Victor Champion Cup (VCC) and the Australian National Championships (ANC) are two prominent events on the ABF calendar… please join us for some fundraisers throughout these events, to not only help our teams competing overseas, but to assist new players wanting to attend the 2020 Youth Week. The VCC will have a Youth Stall where you will be able to talk to youth players and coordinators, and find out more about Youth Bridge. How to support the players and information about their Quiz Night to be held during the VCC. Andrew Mill, an experienced Quiz Master, will be hosting the night. Find the Youth Stall at the VCC to book in. If you are inviting non bridge family or friends, contact Bianca throughout the VCC for more information. Merchandise will  be available to order from the stall, with pick up at the ANC.


The Australian Youth Team competed in the White House Junior Internationals in Amsterdam and the APBF Junior Teams Championship in Thailand over a three week period in late March and early April. The team representing Australia was Jamie Thompson – Matt Smith, Nico Ranson – John McMahon, and (for the APBF only) Andrew Spooner – Tomer Libman. The team won the bronze medal in the warm-up before losing the quarter final to Poland in the White House. A great effort, considering the strength of the field. Unfortunately the team didn’t replicate that form in Thailand, finishing 5th out of nine teams.

The following is a hand played by Matt & Jamie in Amsterdam.

NS had an uncontested auction to 4Heart Suitafter a Puppet Stayman misunderstanding. On lead as East, Matt was afraid any suit would help declarer, so he decided to lead a trump from Kxxx as the passive option – it looks counter-intuitive to lead a trump from this holding, but it will never give up a trick.

Declarer roseHeart SuitQ and immediately ran theSpade SuitJ which held. He then tried to finesse in hearts. Matt won and then returned another heart. Declarer’s options are pretty limited now. After drawing the remaining trumps, he tried the diamond SuitQ, hoping that one of the defenders would take the king right away. Matt ducked, and now all declarer could do was come out with theclub suitJ.

Jamie won with the club suitQ and immediately returned a club to give declarer a losing option. He can make if he rises with ace and endplays East, but he decided to play Jamie for club suitKQ so he finessed. Matt won the club suitK and then returned another club endplaying the declarer into giving Matt the diamond SuitK in the end.

This was a really cute hand with lots of defensive counterplays. NS had a pretty bad misunderstanding in the bidding, but it’s so important to capitalise on the opponent’s mistakes.

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