On Thurday 4th of January I was kibitzing Jimmy Cayne’s usual team match on BBO and I enjoyed this hand, interesting and instructive. Alfredo Versace, World Champion, sits North and bid 4, wich East doubles, thus revealing his holdings. Dealer: West. All Vul
A Q 10 4 3 K 9 3 A K 8 2 3
10 5 J 9 6 5 A K Q J 8 7 6 K J 9 2 J 7 6 4 10 7 4 3 4
8 7 6 5 A Q 8 2 Q 10 9 5 2
West Versace East South
1 1 Pass 2
3 4 Dbl Pass
Pass Pass
Opening lead: 4
Alfredo Versace
Alfredo Versace

East leads 4, dummy plays low, West puts up the Q and continues with theK. Alfredo ruffs with the 10, East overrruffs with the J and plays back the4.

At this time the “experts” who watched the match were thinking about down 1, it was evident to them that Alfredo could not stop losing two tricks in trump!

Alfredo must have thought: East has already shown 4 spades and a singleton club, if he is 4-4-4-1 I can make this contract.

 He won the diamond with dummy’s Q and plays a heart to the K, he then cashes the A and K pitching clubs, Alfredo then ruffs the last diamond to get back to dummy .

 Now cashes A and Q, and ruffs the last heart. This was the situation at this point:

A Q 4
A J 8 7 K 9 2
8 7 6

Scary! Alfredo plays the 4 and claims 10 tricks.

When Alfredo Versace’s read the article this was his own comment: “Best wishes Fernando, nice hand. Never double: only if the shape is 4-4-4-1 I can be sure spades are 4-0. Goodbye.

Remember: When you play against a great champion, it is best not to double any contract even though you are pretty sure he is going down!

* Black Arrow is Alfredo’s car nickname.