This is a reminder about the forthcoming teacher/coach conference organised by RealBridge and BAMSA. The conference will feature speakers from all around the world, on a range of topics that will be useful to teachers and coaches. It takes place on 7th and 8th October 2023.

I urge you to communicate this event to your mailing list, and via your website.

Speakers confirmed are:

Australia: Joan Butts, Paul Marston. Canada: Darwin Li. Czech Republic: Milan Macura. Denmark: Morten Bilde. France: Jean-Pierre Desmoulins. Germany: Ulrich Bongartz.  Iceland: Matthías Imsland. Ireland: Dermot O’Brien. Italy: Benedetta Ragazzi.  New Zealand/UK: Lyn Fry. Norway: Ane Haaland, Marianne Harding. Singapore: Gary Yee, Kelvin Ong. Sweden: Linnea Edlund. TunisiaMeriem Daldoul Dorai. UK: Alan Shillitoe, Michael Rushworth, Sam Knox, Sam Punch. USA: David Loeb, Deborah Drysdale, Allison Evans, Patty Tucker, Rob Barrington, Robert Todd, Michael Berkowitz,  Tracey Bauer. USA/Canada: Gavin Wolpert.

There will be 15 speakers presenting live. There will be 10+ who have created videos in advance.

The event website is here:

It is a free event. Please sign up to learn more about the schedule, and to receive updates.

The topics are:

·       Information on new approaches to teaching

·       Channels, ideas and tools to market the game and the services

·       Benefits of providing or earning accreditation

·       How teachers can become the best version of themselves through personal development

·       Youth players: organizational considerations, successes, issues, attitudes of schools

·       Best ways to teach children and youth: practices, techniques, interactions, differences from adult teaching

·       Approaches to coaching: supporting and overseeing the entire development of a player (as distinct from instructional teaching).

This is being sent to all NBOs / Zonal Authorities as well as to any Youth Representatives we are aware of and to tournament directors as many of them are involved in teaching and coaching for bridge. I hope you find it useful.

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