Source: Eugene Register-Guard – 21 Ene 1978 The coward dies a thousand deaths at the bridge table. The brave man takes his chances and often manages to survive. Dealer South E/W Vul
A K 9 8 4 9 6 2 10 9 6 K 7
Q J 10 5 8 4 4 2 J 8 5 4 2 7 3 K J 10 7 3 3 A Q 9 6 3
6 2 A Q 5 A K Q J 8 7 5 10
West North East South
Pass 1 2 3
Pass 3 Pass 5
Pass 6 Pass Pass
Opening lead: 8 South won the first heart trick and drew two rounds of trumps to make sure nobody ruffed anything. Unfortunately, he put himself on the hat of people who couldn’t ruff. South had to go after the spades in case dummy’s king of clubs turned out to be useless. He cashed the top spades and ruffed a spade, but the six missing spades faked to break evenly. South eventually lost a heart and a club. There was no harm in drawing one round of trumps, but South was a coward to draw the second trump. He should start the spades after just one trump. He ruffs the third spade, enters dummy with the nine of trumps and ruffs another spade with a high trump. By this time dummy’s last spade is good, and South can lead a trump to dummy’s ten to cash the good spade. South’s cowardly second round of trumps cost him 1.470 points. Don’t forget to follow us @