Source: North asks for majors in the first bidding round. How do you solve your club suit? One way to treat the club problem is to play a club to the ace and a small club towards the queen, and put the queen if no king appears. You will then make your contract if the clubs are 3-3 with the king on place and when West have jack of clubs second. Are there any better chances?

The question was; how to solve the club suit in 6NT when having A2 vs Q10983, for one loser? The best way is to start with the queen from the hand! If clubs are 3-3 that way of playing leads to success as often as the first mentioned way of playing. If Clubs are 4-2 the recommended way of playing also leads to success if West have king-second. Both way of playing will lead to success if the jack of clubs are second with any player.