VII WORLD BRIDGE CHAMPIONSHIPS Bal Harbour FL; Sept. 13-27, 1986 Source:  With great sportsmanship, Edgar Kaplan and Norman Kay reported in Saturday’s bulletin on a hand where I happened to guess the winning line. (Click Here to read the article) I now feel compelled to report on my failure on the following hand. Over optimistic bidding propelled me into 4against Gothe and Gullberg from Sweden in the Swiss Teams.
A 9 4 3 K 5 10 9 3 2 A J 6
8 Q 10 8 7 2 A K J 8 5 K 2 10 7 6 A 4 Q 4 10 9 7 5 4 3
K Q J 5 2 J 9 6 3 7 6 Q 8
On the opening lead of a low heart ducked in dummy and won by East’s ace, I had same chances if the K was onside. Back came the Q, overtaken by West’s king, who won a second high diamond before exiting with a heart. Late in the night I did what I did before in 1979 when Benito Garozzo missed a difficult hand. I phoned to ask advice from the famous author of “Adventures in Card Play”, Geza Ottlik in Budapest. Jean Besse: Hello Geza! I went down. Ottlik: Never disturb my morning sleep, please. Besse: After the K, I cashed the  KQ. If they broke 2-2 a winning finesse would give me the game. Ottlik: Then? Besse: The spades were 1-3, and following your advice I tried to “elope”, crossruffing. Unfortunately, East overuffed the 9 and that was the end. Ottlik: Elopement, elopement. Why? Is that all you read in my book after so many years. Besse: What? Ottlik: First you had to try the club finesse. If the king was offside, then you would avoid going down two, getting a discard for one of your losing hearts. Besse: But the finesse was on. Ottlik: OK. Then win your clubs and ruff the third in hand. You then would have seen that West shows out on that third round ruff, discarding a heart. It is now absolutely clear that West had originally no more (and no less) than five diamonds, and therefore no less (and no more) than five hearts. Besse: And that East would be able to overruff any attempt to get rid of my losing hearts by dummy’s ruffs,. . . . Ottlik: And this is where you should have made profit of my book, namely on the chapter of dealing with entry-shifting squeezes:
A 9 10 9
Q 10 J 8 10  10 9 7
J 5 J 9
Besse: Ah mais oui! All I had to do was to play my J! If West threw a diamond, I would overtake in dummy and establish a diamond. If he threw a heart, dummy would play low and I could establish a heart, Ca’ alors! Don’t forget to follow us @