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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Art of Balancing – Sky Bridge Club

Source: https://skybridgeclub.com/

Four Of A Major vs 3NT by Andrew Robson

Produced by Conrad Brunner @ConradBrunner

Slam-ish hands? When to jump to slam, and when to stay...

Source: https://skybridgeclub.com/

Bidding Quiz in Opatija

During the 4th World Youth Open Bridge Championships some players answered this bidding problem.

Duplicate Pairs Tactics by Andrew Robson

Produced by Conrad Brunner @ConradBrunner

Challenge Accepted – Frank0 Vs Pete

Peter Hollands is a very talented young bridge player who was a grand master at 23 and has represented Australia and Victoria in open...

Count Your Tricks Not Your Points

Source: https://skybridgeclub.com/

Multi Coloured Two Diamonds

Produced by Conrad Brunner

Bridge Tips with Marty Bergen

Source: BallenIsles Channel 63  

A Just Decision by Fernando Lema

Medellin, May 29 2016 Under the VI South American Transnational Championships, Medellin 2016 we present you the Hand of the day, in this case explained...