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The French won the Channel Trophy, international tournament, which brought together young teams from France, the Netherlands, England and Belgium, this weekend at the Bridge Club Lille. They won all 3 events! Bravo the Blues!

Three categories of teams were in contention: Juniors, Youngsters and Girls.

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> Composition of the teams of France:


Théo Guillemin – Arthur Boulin
Colin Deheeger – Baptiste Combescure
Julien Bernard – Thibaud Vincenot
Capitaine : Christophe Oursel


Luc Bellicaud – Victor Le Lez
Léo Rombaut – Clément Teil
Romaric Guth – Hugo Rabourdin
Capitaine : Thibault Delmas-Sirven


Beryl Dufrene – Marie Coupel
Sarah Combescure – Emeline Jounin
Constance Belloy – Wilhelmine Schlumberger
Capitaine : Wilfried Libbrecht

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