Source: Svensk Bridge Hello all clubs in our elongated country! I write to you as a member of the Junior Committee (JK). JK has the fantastic fun assignment of trying to push the Swedish junior bridge forward in every way we can. One of our most important tasks is to plan the national camps, junior competitions and other bridge-related activities that will be held for juniors under the auspices of SBF. We are currently planning for the Nordic Camp which will be held on May 21-24 (more info coming soon). We are also planning for a national national camp this autumn with connecting JSM pairs. One of the most important issues when it comes to organizing camps and competitions for juniors, the question is activities that can not be held anywhere. It should not just be a place for people to access public transport in an unduly complicated way. It also needs to be a place where there are premises that can accommodate a bunch of young people and where there is bridgebord and other necessary equipment for running competitions. In addition, it is our experience that the best activities are arranged when there are one or a few people on site who are willing to help in different ways that create added value for the juniors. It can, for example, be asked to help set things up, move people to and from the playground, fix with some coffee or offer cheap accommodation if overnight stays are necessary. We already know that there are many clubs in the country who would very much like to support the junior bridge but who have had difficulty for various reasons to start their own junior business with all that it entails in education and planning. So we turn to these clubs a little bit when we ask: Can you imagine helping us to hold fantastic bridging events for juniors in the future? If your club thinks it would be fun to hold a junior competition or camp in the future – contact us! Tell us what your club has to offer – could you receive juniors for a day competition, for a weekend or for an even longer period? We investigate all alternatives and turn over all the stones to try to find suitable places for activities of all kinds. Let’s get back to the Swedish junior bridge again! Contact information for us at JK can be found at:

On JK’s behalf, Ida Grönkvist

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