First ever college Duplicate HOOL tournament organized in Surabaya, Indonesia

1. What is the name of this college?

Sepuluh Nopember Institut of technology (

2. How old are the students?

It is a new student (1st semester), 18 or 19 years old

3. What course are they studying?


4. How did they write the information – HCP, Hand Pattern, No. of cards/suit?

we use information cards, we write it on a card and pass that information to table.  Here I attach information cards that I create using spreadsheets.

5. How did they do the bidding?

We use cards, write it down an put it on table face down. and then every player open it simultaneously

6. What scoring did you use?

We use bridge scoring, every boards is vulnerable. one down you minus 100, game and making you got 620. the idea is to encourage student to bid game more often, it is big different between 170 and 620. we just print score table and remove non vulnerable contract from the table score. every player can see the score table, no need to memorized. But we do tell them there is big different if you bid 3NT/4H/4S/5C and 5D.

I Duplicate HOOL tournament organized in Surabaya, Indonesia
I Duplicate HOOL tournament organized in Surabaya, Indonesia

7. Did you play duplicate (pairs) Hool?

Yes we did, match point scoring.

8. How many classes of Hool did you take before the tournament?

We play once a week for three month.

9. How did you teach Hool?

I didn’t do the teaching.  I teach the senior students…and the seniors teach the class. We have 4 small class, and there is two senior students responsible for every class.

10. Did the students know any card games before? Or did you have to start with the very basic – what is a trick?

Every student has known the rank of the suit. playing cards is not popular games among us….but every body has play other card game before. every body has played simple trick taking game before.

11. Do you think Hool will be suitable to be introduced in schools in Indonesia?

I hope so…it is more fun than mini-bridge. the bridge player can join too without getting bored.

12. what is the meaning of ‘UKM BRIDGE ITS’?

UKM is unit activity in university, it is like a club bridge funded by our university. I.T.S is our university name…stands for Institut Teknologi Sepuluh-Nopember.  (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technologhy).

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