Source: FFBridge Congratulations to the French representatives: France wins the U26 (junior) open and women’s events and 2nd in the U21. The Channel Trophy, an international tournament, brought together young teams from France, the Netherlands, England and Belgium. This year, the competition took place in Utrecht (Netherlands). In 2018, the French had won the 3 events. Access the results  by clicking here Composition of the French teams: WU26: Mathilde Thuoulez Anais Leleu Marie Coupel Margaux Kurek Beaulieu Wilhelmine Schlumberger Constance Belloy CNJ: Wilfried LIBBRECHT U26 Pierre Bedouet Luc Bellicaud Theo Guillemin Arthur Boulin Baptiste Combescure Sarah Combescure CNJ: Wilfried LIBBRECHT U21 Nao Tabata Maxence Fragola Jarjaille Romain Bloch Clément Teil Hugo Rabourdin Romaric Guth CNJ: Thibault DELMAS SIRVEN

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