Source: College Bridge Atlanta

Congratulations to the winning teams from yesterday’s Spring Online Team Tournament! Each won a Team Travel Package to the Bridge Bowl for up to six players.

1. Georgia Tech University – “Gold”

2. UC Berkeley – “Cal”

3. Princeton University – “Princeton”

4. Columbia University – “Columbia”

I hope everyone had fun playing! You can find a link to results and detailed matches at  Thank you to our DiC, Michael Weber and our TD, Trisha Malazdrewicz, BBO as well as all of the coaches and proctors.

We still have six Team Travel Packages to award. Four will be awarded at the next Spring Online Team Tournament on April 8, and two will be awarded for participation in Daily CBO games and friendly matches between schools. Find out more on our website, and make sure you register your team if you haven’t already. Schools who have already won a travel package cannot win another, but their teams can still play in the tournament for Masterpoints (and the joy of playing).

If you have not yet submitted your proctor agreements, please send those to

Stephanie Threlkeld

Education and Communications Manager