Source: Bocchi & Madala Big Bang Bridge Many times you hear about the forcing pass. The forcing pass applies when your partnership clearly has the majority of the points and the opponent defends or when after declaring a vulnerable game against non vulnerable opponents, the opponents chose to bid. We play a variation of the very good and simple forcing pass: Every time you get into a high-level competitive situation, when your line has clearly the majority of points or when you have declared spontaneously a vulnerable game against NV opponents, if they chose to defend, the first player of our partnership who has to talk will use the following steps: PASS = asks the partner to double, it shows a minimum and, normally, two immediate losers in the opponent’s suit. If, after your partner’s double, you continue bidding, you are showing a slam hand, normally with a first round control ( A or void) in opponent’s suit. DOUBLE = asks your partner to continue bidding, you are showing you dont have a minimum or wasted values in the opponent’s suit. Usually it shows  a second-round control in the opponent’s suit or, an interesting hand, but not a special interest in slam. CONTINUE BIDDING = shows a weak, unbalanced hand, without interest in slam.