Saturday February 8, 2014, Sweden

A few days ago I was playing a match on BBO with my brother (Ola Rimstdet) against two grandmasters: Benito Garozzo and Jimmy Cayne. This is one of the hands of the match that I want to share with you: Board 24, Dealer West None Vul, Teams
Spade Suit A 8 2 Heart Suit K 7 3 2 Diamond Suit Q J 7 4 club suit 10 9
Spade Suit K      Heart Suit A Q 9 8 Diamond Suit A 9 6 2 club suit K Q 5 3 Spade Suit Q J 10 9 7 5 Heart Suit 10 Diamond Suit 10 8 club suit 8 6 4 2
Spade Suit 6 4 3 Heart Suit J 6 5 4 Diamond Suit K 5 3 club suit A J 7
The Auction:
West   North    East   South  
O. Rimstedt Garozzo M. Rimstedt Cayne
 1Diamond Suit  Pass  2Spade Suit  Pass
 4Spade Suit  End       
Lead: Heart Suit5 Sitting in East I received the Heart Suit5 lead and before touching the first card I stopped a few seconds to analyze the hand. I had a diamond loser, and a spade loser so could not afford to lose two tricks in clubs. I knew Jimmy never takes any risk so I was quite sure that he didn’t lead from the King. Therefore I won the Heart SuitA and played the Spade SuitK. When I won the trick I was pretty sure the spade was 3-3, because they wouldn’t dock the spade with Ax. Since I already put Garozzo with Heart SuitK, I continued to play Heart SuitQ which Garozzo covered and I ruffed. Now dummy’s Heart Suit9 8 had become important. I played the Spade SuitQ, pitching a diamond from dummy, and Garozzo won with the Spade SuitA, returning the Diamond Suit4.

When Jimmy played the Diamond SuitK I learned that: Garozzo had at least 4 diamonds. As I wanted to use my hearts on the table for something good, I played the Heart Suit8, when Garozzo played low, I pitched a diamond loser and Cayne won the trick with his Heart SuitJ returning the club suitJ.

I played dummy’s club suitK, winning the trick. I reentered my hand ruffing a diamond and played the Spade SuitJ confirming trumps were 3/3. Now I perfectly knew that South distribution was: 3-4-3-3, because:

* He led the Heart Suit5 and in the second heart round he played the Heart Suit4. They play 3/5, and H/L=even

* The spades were 3-3

* After winning the heart trick with the Heart SuitJ, Jimmy also knew my distribution based on Garozzos cards signals.  Therefore he couldn’t have 4 clubs because he would have tried to give Garozzo a club ruff.

Therefore Jimmy had 3 clubs and so 3 diamonds. So I played a club, Cayne won with his club suitA…but the rest of the tricks were mine: Heart Suit9, club suitQ and a trump.

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