Source: BDI ITalia By Giovanni Donati | Apr 18, 2017 |  Knowing the three colored West hand with a sure spade singleton I attacked (in the North position) with the Spade SuitK: the goal of the attack was to: not let declarer to win with a singleton honor and to play spade towards my partner, Margherita Chavarria (for example, singleton Spade SuitJ to Spade SuitQ9543, where the Spade SuitA1086 in South would have guaranteed four trickes).
Giovanni Donati with Federica and Valent
Giovanni Donati with Federica and Valentina Dalpozzo during the prize ceremony
After watching the declarer won with the ace and play a heart to the queen, knowing that she would be willing to repeat the finesse, I played low because to repeat the finesse, she would have to use the Diamond SuitQ, an entry to the table. The play went this way and I could take the second heart to cross another spade for the jack and the queen (West played a club). My partner after winning the trick, returned a club, declarer played her jack and I won with the ace, and played a spade.. At this point, the declarer had eight theoretically tricks (a spade, three hearts and four diamnods thanks to the 3-3), but still she has to discard when South plays the Spade Suit10. She can not play a club because she now has club suit Q x, so she had to discard a diamond, forcing her to give two clubs in the final after South’s heart return: this is an example of squeeze over declarer by the defense.
Giovanni's team (FIGB U25) has conquered the third place
Giovanni’s team (FIGB U25) has conquered the third place
The contract could have been accomplished by playing a second heart from declarer’s hand as the defense spades would not have effect: the Diamond SuitQ would have remained in dummy to ensure two additional spade tricks for E / W. But she would have missed the not-insignificant chance of the heart king third, that would have guaranteed eight tricks (a spade, four diamonds and three hearts) without any particular effort.