Photo Team Snellers: Joris van Lankveld, Berend van den Bos, Wubbo de Boer, Agnes Snellers Berend van den Bos-Joris van Lankveld won no less than three junior world titles. In 2011(Opatija) they took the gold medal as well in the pairs as in the teams during the World Youth Open Championships in Opatija and in 2012, after a gruelling final against Israel and a deciding overtrick imp on the very last board, they seized the title in the World Youth Bridge Team Championships in Taicang. Since December 2009 Agnes Snellers and Wubbo de Boer (junior world champion in 1987) are the enthusiastic and capable nonplaying captains-pair of Dutch junior teams.
They teamed up with Berend-Joris in the 2015 Cavendish Teams in Monte Carlo and carried on beating all the top-class teams (gaining of course much credit for this fabulous win with as first prize a juicy sum of €32.500). In the Swiss during the Fall Nationals in San Diego they were trailing by three vips to Dutch pairs that a couple of years ago were themselves still a junior (Bob Drijver, Tim Verbeek-Danny Molenaar) with Ditch veteran Bart Nab and Patricia Cayne (USA)-Dano de Falco (It) as teammates) with one round to play:
A K J 9 7 5 A A 10 10 8 3 2 E / W Q 10 6 4 K Q J 6 5 J 2 A 5
West North East South
Agnes Wubbo
1 Pass
2 Pass 2NT Pass
3 Pass 4 Pass
4 Pass 4NT Pass
5 Pass 7 End
2: 5+ game force 2NT: asking 3 : sixcard 4/4: controls agreeing 4 NT: RKC 5 : four keycards When West showed four key-cards, East counted thirteen tricks and jumped to the cold grand slam. A nice profit for the ‘old school’ 2strong jumpshift. With opponents stopping in 6gave team Snellers a gain of 13 imps on the road to a 18-2 win to catch up Team Cayne, that won ‘only’ 14-6, with one vip to spare for an astonishing victory.