Opatija Croatia JULY 16-18, 2018

Click HERE for the Programme of the Seminar The aim of this type of Seminar is to identify the significant elements of being a Coach for young people, in particular how it differs from dealing with older age groups. It also helps to establish a personal network so that coaches and Youth co-ordinators may continue to exchange ideas in the future. To be a bridge teacher for young people is much more than just the role as a teacher. For them, you will be their life coach for a good part of their bridge life. In the Youth Coach Seminars we prepare you with everything from recruiting, being the teacher and how to follow it up – really to take them from the bridge school to begin their competitive career in the club and beyond. During the seminars, the participants heard about successful youth programmes from around the world, coaching techniques, how to recruit juniors and the modern commercial tools that are available to engage young people.