Source: Marina Lantzouni Facebook

Cup, cup, where are you cups? The athletes of the Junior National Team of children who represented us at the European Youth Championship in Summer in Samorin, Slovakia Jason Hercules Papaspyrou, Giannis Virvidakis, Aimilianos Mallosis, Michalis Soumplis, Dimitris Kapp and Giannis Fotinakis, took part in the match for the Greek Cup in category 1-9 under the supervision and guidance of their coach Vassilis Virvidakis. The team qualified in the 16 (Knock out) and then with 4 consecutive wins won the top spot! As a mum, but also as a member of the Youth’s Committee of EOM, I can only be proud of this group of children, which is the result of the children’s EOM program that has begun in recent years. However, I can not but express a bitterness that we all felt (young and old) when we learned that there were no cups. The prize included prizes for the top three. But it was not awarded … not even the winners’ declaration … Still, the story was written. Children begin to consolidate their position and climb. Our future holds many more surprises and many more cups. Congratulations guys!