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Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein
Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein

Flannery is defined as an opening bid of 2Diamond Suit to show  a mininum opening(11-16 HCP) with 4 spades and 5 hearts. We play it is 4+ spades and 5+ hearts.

Some of my favorite benefits are:
-1Heart Suit 1Spade Suit shows 5 plus spades. This makes it much easier to handle hands when opener has 3 spades and can raise to the appropriate level with out risking getting passed out in 2 of a minor.

-1Heart Suit 1NT does not deny 4 spades. This makes it much harder to defend as the defenders are put in a position that they are guessing more about declarer’s hand than in standard bidding.

-You can get to some difficult to reach 3nt’s with an 8 card major suit fit when your shortness is facing strength.

-2Diamond Suit opening and the response preempts the opponents out of partscores, and suprisingly often out of 5 of a minor.

-With minimal structure you can have very constructive auctions on Flannery hands.

-Soloway liked it, and I pretty much like everything Soloway liked.

Here’s the basic structure that Bobby Levin and I use:

2Diamond Suit -2M = To play, now 3m is 4-card m
-2NT = Inquiry
-3club suit = To play
-3Diamond Suit = Invitational
-3M = Mixed raise – semi-preemptive
-4m = Corresponding slam try in major with shortness in other major

2Diamond Suit-2NT, 3m = Sing. (or void with min.).  Could be 4-6
-3Heart Suit = 4-5-2-2 minimum
-3Spade Suit = 4-5-2-2 maximum
-3NT = 4-5-2-2 with cards in both m’s
-4m = 4-card om, ok for slam, now 4N is Straight Blackwood
-4Heart Suit = 5-6 minimum