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The IBPA has now arranged long term sponsorship to present its annual awards in Sanya, the home of the Hainan Bridge festival. Last year the awards were televised by Chinese National Television, and this will also be the case in the current year. The presentation takes place on September 29 – the day after the Bermuda Bowl finishes in Wuhan, and all players who are shortlisted (and appropriate journalists) should by now have been informed that they are on the list. But I am pleased that since the shortlist had to be put together a little earlier than usual, we will be able to show all our readers the candidate hands. Barry Rigal

The awards to be presented in Sanya are as follows:

The Yeh Bros Best Bid Hand

The Gidwani Family Trust Best Defended Hand

The Keri Klinger Memorial award for Best Played Hand

The Richard Freeman Junior deal of the year

And IBPA Personality of the Year.


Player                                      Journalist
Klukowski/Zatorski                    Fu Qiang
Meckwell                                  David Bird
Bilde/Duboin                            Brian Senior
Andrew Robson                        David Bird
Boyd/Robinson                         Chip Dombrowski
Hult/Bertheau                          Sue Munday
Wiseman/Smith                       Mark Horton

These are two of the hands:

PLAYERS: Boyd / Robinson JOURNALIST: Chip Dombrowski

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