As sponsors of the Greystones Open Cup at Greystones Bridge Centre, we recently interviewed member John Royds to learn more about a game that is deeply ingrained in Greystones culture – Bridge. An experienced player, John says, Bridge is a “very stimulating mind game that is mentally challenging and in which a person never plateaus – never stops improving.” It’s a fascinating game enjoyed by Martina Navratilova, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who believes, “Everybody who is good at Bridge is going to be good at lots of things.”
It’s a game for and between any age group that can be played anytime, anywhere with anyone like-minded! And here’s a list of why it’s so popular:

The Greystones Open Cup will take place on Sunday March 29th and will see the best players from clubs all over Ireland compete in two sessions. Start your mental agility journey today and we will see you on the competition circuit (and on the Wealthiest in the World lists!) before you know it. Our thanks to the playing and committee members of Greystones Bridge Club. We are honoured to have been keeping your Centre and your homes warm for more than 25 years. Greystones, Ireland Greystones Bridge Centre Contract Bridge Association of Ireland World Bridge Federation World Bridge Federation – Youth

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