Source: Israeli Bridge Association FB Wall

The next generation: a recap of the Wingate Children’s Olympics

Today (Tuesday) the 15th Children’s Olympics took place at the Wingate Institute in Netanya. hundreds Athletes participated in competitions in over 20 different sports, and as is the best tradition, the bridge branch also took a significant part!About 70 young players participated in the bridge competitions and enjoyed a fun and challenging experience in a unique Olympic atmosphere. The one who was honored with his presence was the Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Miki Zohar (an avid bridge fan in his own right) who was excited to see the dozens of young players who get to enjoy a special bridge experience at the camp. We also thank the children’s teachers who accompanied their students to the event and assisted in its management – Shlomi Levy, Erna Gal, Mati Bobrov and the teaching assistant, Poldi Peretz. A big thank you also to Guy Maman, the coordinator of the youth in the association, for organizing and managing the exemplary event. We will meet at the next competition that will take place in a little less time – the school championship in June!

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