A Bidding Problem published in the second 2016 Italian Open and Ladies Teams Championships Bulletin. You will be able to compare your answer with Bocchi, Bilde, Brenner, Bessis…
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Bandera de la FIGBItaly; 2016 Open and Ladies Teams Championships

Salsomaggiore 22 – 25 Abril 2016

April 24, 2016 This Bidding Problem was published in the second Italian Open and Ladies Teams Championships Bulletin. You will be able to compare your answer with some of the best italian and international players: IMPs, N/S Vulnerable. You are South: Spade Suit J 9 7 2 Heart Suit  J 9 7 4 Diamond Suit  9 7 6 3 2 club suit The bidding starts:
West North East South
Pass Pass
1club suit Dbl 1Heart Suit Pass
2club suit Dbl 3club suit ?
After thinking your answer. Below you can find some of the best world players answers:

These are the answers:

Norberto Bocchi

Norberto Bocchi:   4club suit. I think, having passed before, 4club suitdescribes the hand well.

Thomas Bessis

Thomas Bessis   4club suit. A bit optimistic, but describes my hand pretty well. It also has the advantage of putting pressure on opponents, which could make the mistake of defending to 5club suit while we could go down in 4Spade Suit.

Dennis Bilde

Dennis Bilde   Dbl. I hope it’s an Italian double and my partner will not pass ☺

Diego Brenner

Diego Brenner   Dbl. Competitive. Over 3Diamond Suit or 3Spade Suit I can pass, because with the double I have described my hand.

Andrea Buratti

Andrea Buratti      Pass. It is easy for my partner to have a balanced hand.

Fabio Lo Presti

Fabio Lo Presti   4club suit. Showing that I am very short and the other two, with longer diamond. My hand should be more or less as mine, I didn