Toine van Hoof
There were two interesting hands in the second session of the quarterfinals. Gergena Teneva (Juniors United) was the only one to score 420 on this board: Board 12 Dealer West. N/S Vul
K 6 K 7 4 10 8 4 A K 10 9 3
Q J 8 4 3 9 6 4 2 Q 9 6 A 9 2 A Q J 10 8 K 5 Q 5 4
10 7 5 5 A J 7 6 3 2 8 7 2
West North East South
Yaninski Kökten Teneva Aluf
21 3 4 Pass
Pass Pass
  1. 2 Both majors, can be 4-4 NV/V, 0-9
South led the 2 (third best) to the king. North cashed the A and shifted to the 4. Declarer inserted the king, which was taken by the ace, and won the 2 return with the queen in dummy.
Gergana TENEVA
Gergana Teneva
Having lost three tricks, Teneva needed to find both kings onside, not unlikely in view of North’s vulnerable overcall on a five card suit. The problem was how to avoid a second spade loser. Teneva advanced the 9, which held, and continued with a heart to the queen. She cashed the A and re-entered dummy with a club ruff. The Q was covered by the king. As South had pitched the 3, declarer knew that North had started with a 2=3=3=5. The odds were three to one that South held the 10 so Teneva ran the 9 to land her contract. That would also have worked if North had had the stiff K after all.

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