Source: The Argus-Press – 8 Dic 1978 By Alan Sontag Dealer West, Vulnerable All Opening lead: Heart SuitK South whistled happily when he saw the dummy and said, “We didn’t bid enough”. He ruffed the heart, played out his ace and king of spades and stopped as if he’d been struck by an axe. There was no way to keep East from scoring a trump trick and leading his queen of diamonds to give the defense five tricks and South a big migraine. -How was I to know that trumps wouldn’t break”‘ he complained. “I guess I am the prototype of the unlucky expert.” “It was fine for the seven dwarfs to whistle while they worked said North. A bridge player should. You could have insure contract by a simple play ” Here is the safety: South should duck a trump at trick two. If trump is going to break 3-2 he have wasted two overtricks, but since West went to hearts on his own hook vulnerable, it was likely that he would have one spade. After that play the defense would have made one trump and two diamonds, but nothing more.