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The PCU International University Bridge Trophy ensures a free bridge and events program for universities and university colleges worldwide. The main objective is to offer students a platform where bridge is considered as a valuable instrument to develop international interaction and experience, with emphasis on Fair Play and Universal Friendship. The PCU International University Bridge Trophy is organized from 17 to 19 April 2020 in Antwerp (Belgium), the 2nd edition welcoming 12-16 teams of 4 to 6 players in the Duplicate bridge variation of contract bridge. Registration is simple as explained on this website and the registration deadline is 15 March 2020.


The PCU International University Bridge Trophy is a yearly bridge tournament for universities and colleges worldwide, organized by the University with the assistance of DUA (the University of Antwerp’s bridge club) and endorsed by the PCU Committee. The host city Antwerp is the economic capital of Belgium and the largest and most important city of Flanders, the Dutch speaking federal region of Belgium. The city center has a population of 521,825 inhabitants, the metropolitan area over 1.1 million inhabitants and the Greater Antwerp Area over 1.8 million inhabitants. Internationally, Antwerp is the largest diamond trade centre in the world, passing New York and Mumbai. In addition Antwerp is the second largest port of Europe after Rotterdam. Finally, the Antwerp Fashion Academy is considered one of the best in the world, ensuring the highest concentration of fashion shops and flagship stores within Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. On a sports level, Antwerp hosted the Olympic Games in 1920 and was the European Capital of Sport in 2013. The city also welcomed 4 FISU world university championships and many international interuniversity championships.

PCU Bridge Trophy 2019:

1st place – University of Leipzig (Germany) 2nd place – University of Leiden (Netherlands) 3rd place – Utrecht & Nijmegen University (Netherlands)

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