The International Budapest Bridge Festival️ is behind us. It’s time to summarize the 4-day trip to Budapest 🇭🇺!
Kacper Kuflowski and Franek Kurlit with Marcin Kluflowski
➡️ a lot of game (170 hands!), many valuable experiences, the opportunity to face a bridge in the open category without the proverbial “collision with the wall”. The results are quite, except for the tip itself, but maybe these were just too high thresholds? ➡️ I am not a fan of online games on tablets. But I have to admit that I liked the idea. Much simpler tournament logistics, much faster game time, almost perfect silence in the room, because the curtains are separating us from the enemy, that is partner 🙂 ➡️ the reference point for our youngsters, were to be peers from Denmark, current runners-up of Europe. The teams were “two lengths” behind us, in pairs – this difference increased. Big plus! ➡️ Franek Kurlit and Kacper Kuflowski recorded a great team performance, proving that they are at the moment the absolutely leading (maybe the best) couple in the world in their age. And in competition with the older ones they fall out quite, quite! ➡️ Unexpected promotion of Kacper and Frank to the final of tournament A, which considering the fact that last year’s winners, for example, this art failed – raises respect. In decisive hands it was not so good, it is the only weaker fragment performed by boys, but also the highest level. ➡️ a lot of experience, although it is a fairly harsh lesson, was collected by the second of our couples. Aleks Bukat and Sebastian Zimorski have found out from the first hands that rivalry with the elders is not the same as at youth camps in Poland. Definitely such an experience, if it is not wasted, will result in great maturity and wisdom in the game in the future!

➡️ I have always emphasized that for me, medals and trophies are not the most important achievements, but other situations where the result, although not necessarily spectacular and “media”, is much harder. ✔️ Today Kacper Kuflowski and Franek Kurlit, for the second time day after day, are recording a fantastic performance in Budapest at the International Hungarian Championships in the open category (i.e. for adults). After an average first session, they won the second with a result of 67.5% and advanced to the final A from 10th place (out of 70 pairs). Of the juniors higher than them only Błażej Krawczyk and Marcin Szymański 🙂 ✔ Two other junior pairs will play tomorrow in the final 16, including Edek Sucharda and Jakub Andruszkiewicz. Aleks Bukat and Sebastian Zimorski may not be crazy, but they overtook all other pairs of youngsters (except Kacper and Frank, of course). So they will fight in the final B. #Bridge4Kids #teamCKiS Polish Sports Bridge Association Culture and Sport Center in Skawina Skawina commune

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