Source: Preston Contract Bridge

There is no downside to pupils/students learning to play bridge.

 Bridge is a wonderful game & should be learnt by all. However in today’s hectic lifestyle with so many other activities families no longer sit down together for a game of cards even at Christmas. This is a shame as cards teach numeracy skills & give hours of pleasure at very little cost, this is were I believe the problem lies as to why bridge isn’t attracting more new players. Bridge has so much to offer, listening to others during the auction assessing your hand at each stage of the auction being courteous at all times & gaining immense pleasure when you make more tricks than anyone else, as well as making lots of new friends. It would be excellent if bridge became part of the national curriculum & could be taught in primary schools carried on through secondary education & then through university, as soon it will be a part of the Olympic games in my opinion as a mind sport. Whilst waiting for the powers that be to introduce Bridge to the National Curriculum the EBU (English Bridge Union) have set up a department EBED which help with all of your teaching bridge needs.