Congratulations to all the players in today’s Junior Bridge Festival.
Shireen Mohandes
21 teams took part in three categories. The geographical spread was all the way from Hong Kong and Singapore to the USA. This meant early starts and late finishes for some, but today’s juniors are unfazed by timezones. When the U31 winners played their final card, it was just before 4am for them. U16 winners: Indonesia. Rosalin Haryono & Callista Joyceline Setyabudi, Nathanael Augusto & Lionle Joshua U26 winners: USA. Sarik Goyal & Sheldon Kieren Tan, Derek Wong & Gan Yang U31 winners: Singapore. Derek Lee & Siew Keng Hun, Sean Teo & Jazlene Ong Special mention to Indonesia. Concerned that their U16 team might fall asleep, they had 2 reserves. When a USA pair were unable to join because of internet issues, the Indonesian reserves, Cindy Angel and William Huang, played for USA instead. The full list of participating countries: Czech, England, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Singapore, Thailand, Türkiye, USA.

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