Source: Russia Juniors The tournament was the first for many of our juniors. And we are glad for their success!

Congratulations to Nastya Makarova with a bronze medal at the II Mixed doubles championship of the Chelyabinsk region on IMP Pairs with dad Alexander.

VI junior camp. August 2020 From August 1 to 6, 2020, a bridge camp was held in our beloved Demino. It gathered 30 juniors from 12 to 25 years old from all over Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Voronezh, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, for six days 11 adults tried their best to teach the children … How it happened – read in the next issue of the bulletin. Until then: our winners! Opening tournament: 1 Tsvetkov Daniil – Schukin Daniil 2 Dobrin Denis – Stolyarov Egor 3 Mitin Vladislav – Stashenkova Ekaterina Closing tournament: 1 Romanov Mikhail – Khorkina Christina 2 Orlov Sergey – Stolyarov Egor 3 Rakhmani Diana – Kuznetsov Dmitry In the groups of Yuri Huppenen and Sergei Orlov there were doubles after seven matches 1 Kostina Alena – Tabatadze Maxim 2 Stolyarov Egor – Tatarkin Ivan 3 Makarova Anastasia – Yun Irina In the rest of the groups, the teachers tried different combinations and the test turned out to be individual. They hung up on the results of daily matches, solving the problem of the day and even visiting the gym (Oli Frampol will not get lost 🙂) 1 Krylov Nazar 2 Potemkin Alexey 3 Neverov Mikhail The Audience Award for the brightest debut went to Farid Alibmekov’s student, young Dmitry Komin from Yaroslavl. And after that, the online competition from the head coach “Master of Drawing” ended. In the final in a bitter struggle, Ivan Tatarkin defeated his partner Yegor Stolyarov with a score of 17:15. And in the semifinals, Ivan knocked Nastya Makarova out of the fight 🙂 Team U16 forever!

16th place in the final A! Ilya Postovalov and Alena Kostina. Ekaterinburg – Moscow

This was the first big tournament for many. And the very fact that after a serious training camp the juniors played it is mega-cool. Who are our fellows? Christina (with 2 months experience), Nazar, Misha. As for the rest – not all of the tournament was successful, but there are also successes. I want to mark them separately: 🔸 Kostina Alena – Postovalov Ilya: 16th place in the final A! 🔹 Tabatadze Maxim – Tatarkin Vladimir: paired with experienced partners, Max took 22nd place in the final A. 🔸 Stolyarov Egor – Tatarkin Ivan: 7th place in the final B and all sessions of the final B plus 🔹 Genn Maria – Manina Antonina: 18th place in the final B and +42 imp in the second session of the final B 🔸 Stashenkova Ekaterina – Mitin Vladislav: 19th place in final B and +32 imp in the first session of final B (and unlucky 37th place in qualification) 🔹 Makarova Anastasia – Yun Irina: despite the poor health, Nastya took a place above the middle in the final B, gaining 42 imp in the third session 🔸 Krylov Nazariy – Sno Evgeniy: this is Nazar’s first real tournament and +39 imps in the second session in final B

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