Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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SiVY: A Story of Youth Bridge Success By Debbie Rosenberg

Source: BridgeWinners PART 1: Bridge players often thank me for my work with youth bridge, and while I'm grateful, it feels wrong that I get so...

ACBL 2019 Honorary Members

Source: For their dedication working with youth and Junior bridge programs, Michael and Debbie Rosenberg have been named Honorary Members of the Year for 2019...

15th World Bridge Series – The Last Results

Source: 7th October 2018 After 14 days of competitions and 105.718 boards played, finally we have come to the end. These are the final medals to be...

Establishing a Long Suit in a Trump Contract By Debbie Rosenberg

Source: Anytime a five-card or longer suit appears in the dummy, declarer should at least consider the possibility of creating extra tricks from it. While...