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2nd French Open: Results and Photos

Source: FFBridge 2nd France Open. The great festival of bridge and bridge players! All results: Click Here More photos on the FFB Facebook page - The Gallard brothers, Aurèle,...

France Junior Par Paires: Gold for Thibaud Vincenot & Valentin Marro

Source: FFBridge Don’t forget to follow us @ WBF Official Youtube Page WBF Facebook Page WBF Instagram WBF Youth Instagram

2019 French Junior Championship By Benoit Deveze

Source: Benoit Deveze French Junior Championship x 2 with the remarkable presence of foreign countries like Russia 🇷🇺, Germany 🇩🇪 and Belgium 🇧🇪. Don’t forget to...

Quotidien TV: With small bridge players

Today in his Transpi, Étienne Carbonnier takes us to attend the competition of a brain sport : the junior bridge championship. Imagine 300 little gangsters...