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Negative Inferences By PHILLIP ALDER

8 5 4 8 7 4 3 8 7 5 K J 2 Q J A K J 10 6 5 2 A K 6 5 West North East South Pass Pass Pass 4 Pass Pass Pass As his partner was a passed hand,...

Negative Inferences by Marcelo Branco (BRZ)

Source: IBPA Column Service FEB 2021 **Source: wikipedia: Marcelo Castello Branco (born 1945) is a Brazilian bridge player from Rio de Janeiro.  Among other successes, he...

Negative Inferences by Marcelo Castello Branco

Source:  www.thebridgeexperts.com **Source: wikipedia. Marcelo Castello Branco (born 1945) is a Brazilian bridge player from Rio de Janeiro. Among other successes, he was the winner of World Team Olympiad in Monte...