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Junior Channel Trophy (On-Line) 19th to 20th December 2020

Source: EBU Results JUNIOR CHANNEL TROPHY GIRLS JUNIOR CHANNEL TROPHY YOUNGSTER TROPHY U16 CHANNEL TROPHY Played on RealBridge 19th – 20th December 2020 Last results 19 — 20 Dec  Juniors  Cross Table Netherlands...

3rd WBF Youth Teams Online Championships: Women U26 France Team

Participants Draws Results Announcements Articles Women U26: France Team Players  Beryl DUFRENE Sarah COMBESCURE Wilhelmine SCHLUMBERGER Constance BELLOY Marie COUPEL Margaux Kurek-Beaulieu Mathilde THUILLEZ Anaïs LELEU NPC   Coach Vanessa REESS Wilfried LIBBRECHT Convention Cards aaa aaa aaa Don’t forget to follow us @ WBF Official Youtube Page ...