Martin Götzl from the Gymnasium of Václav Hlavatý in Louny won the first tournament of school-children from Prague and Northern Bohemia. On Saturday, March 2, the first tournament of the Czech School League took place in Mikulášovice, Czech Republic. The gaming system consisted of four qualifying rounds of three hands and four for the final. For all involved, it was the first big minibride experience and there was no shortage of tension. Martin Götzl from Gymnasium in Louny won the first place with 21 points. The second was Václav Johnston, also from Grammar school in Louny. The order was really very tight, as the final victory was decided by the transfer of the qualifying part when Martin and Václav were equal. The third place went to Michael Lalik from Mikulášovice with 20 points, who managed to overtake Eliška Tratinová, also from Mikulášovice. Eliška played the final round better than all the boys, but thanks to the lower transfer from the qualification, 19 points for the medal position were not enough. Final B was won  by Max Jarský from Mensa Gymnasium, final C by Anastázie Nováková from Louny, final D by Honza Le from Mikulášovice and final E by Sára Šimůnková from Mikulášovice. Final Ranking:
1. Martin Götzl Louny
2. Václav Johnston Louny
3. Michael Lalik Mikulášovice
4. Eliška Tratinová Mikulášovice
5. Max Jarský Mensa
6. Jan Libus Louny
7. Tereza Podoláková Mikulášovice
8. Anastázie Nováková Louny
9. Lukáš Veselý Louny
10. Klaudie Tylečková Louny
11. Vít Strmiska Mensa
12. Honza Le Mikulášovice
13. David Šebek Mensa
14. Jakub Strouhal Louny
15. Lukáš Machorek Mikulášovice
16. Natálie Božková Mikulášovice
17. Sára Šimůnková Mikulášovice
18. Agáta Koubková Mikulášovice
19. Alexander Sebastien Antoš Louny
20. Václav Koprolín Mikulášovice
The whole tournament was very successful and it is necessary to thank all who participated in the organization and ensure its smooth running. Special thanks go to the cooking team, without them the players would have not been able to perform their best. “I really liked the team of players and the atmosphere. Even though we had to get up early, I really enjoyed the tournament. – Klaudie Tylečková, Václav Hlavatý Louny Grammar School “The thing I like most about the game is that the situation is never lost and the results can be improved with a bit of luck. – Martin Götzl, Václav Hlavatý Louny Grammar School.

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