Source: IBPA Bulletin Dic. 2017 Dealer South All Vul
J 4 A Q J 6 3 K 8 7 5 9 3
K 10 9 6 K 7 5 4 A Q 10 7 5 Q 8 5 3 10 8 2 6 3 2 K J 2
A 7 2 9 A Q J 10 9 4 8 6 4
West North East South
Dbl 1 1 2*
2 5 Pass Pass
* 6+ diamonds, fewer than 3 hearts. North judged it likely that the king of hearts was well-placed, and so bid what he thought his side could make. When West led the ten of spades, declarer paused to consider his options. It was soon clear that only the heart suit offered any chance of bringing the contract home. The best option in the suit was to play West for three or four hearts headed by the king. So, after winning the first trick with the ace of spades, declarer led his heart. West played low and dummy’s queen of hearts won the trick. After throwing a spade on the ace of hearts declarer called for the three of hearts. After ruffing this with the ace of trumps, declarer cashed the queen of trumps and then led the jack of trumps to dummy’s king. Next, the six of hearts was ruffed with declarer’s ten of trumps, thereby establishing the jack of hearts as a winner. Declarer drew East’s remaining trump by leading his carefully preserved four of diamonds to dummy’s seven. He cashed the jack of hearts, throwing a second spade from hand, for his ninth trick. Then declarer gave up two clubs and claimed his contract by making his two remaining trumps separately, by ruffing a club in dummy and a spade in hand.