Source: Herald Journal Watching re-entries, or creating re-entries, plays a very important part In bridge. A good defensive player is on the alert at all times to try to kill any entries declarer may have. Today we find an opponent employing a defensive holdup and then flaking a good defensive play ,to 1 ave it offset by good strategy on the part of declarer. Of course the most interesting hands in bridge are those that give both sides chances to employ strategy. West opens his fourth best spade which declarer wins with the king. Opening lead: Spade Suit2 The ten of diamonds is played and West refuses to win. Declarer continues with the six and again West refuses to win, but when declarer continues with another diamond, West wins with the ace. Now we find West in a peculiar situation. Two good diamonds have been established in dummy. He cannot lead a spade or the Jack will be an entry there. A heart return also will provide an entry. So West makes a very nice play by leading the jack of clubs. Now, if South wins this trick, his contract will probably be defeated, as he will count West for three clubs and therefore will be afraid to cash, his other high club. His safest play is to refuse to win this trick. Now his contract is assured, and West is forced to lead into declarer’s tenace position. This gives declarer three clubs, two diamonds, two hearts, and two spades, nine tricks in all.

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