Source: IBPA Bulletin Feb 2018 Dealer East. N/S Vul
Q 9 6 3 6 5 2 Q J 6 Q 5 2
5 8 4 3 10 9 8 5 2 10 9 7 3 A 2 J 10 9 7 A K 7 3 K J 8
K J 10 8 7 4 A K Q 4 A 6 4
West North East South
1NT Dbl1
Rdbl2 Pass 2 2
Pass 3 Pass 4
Pass Pass Pass
1. Penalty-oriented 2. Forces East to rebid 2 West led the ten of diamonds. After inspecting dummy, declarer noted he had nine certain tricks. He observed that from East’s opening bid that the missing aces and kings were all on his right. Declarer saw a plan that enabled to put that knowledge to work to make a tenth trick. After declarer called for the jack of diamonds at trick one, East took this with the king and switched to the jack of hearts. Declarer won with the ace and led his jack of trumps to dummy’s queen. East won with the ace and exited with the ten of hearts to declarer’s king. Declarer’s next move was to draw the outstanding trump by leading his eight of trumps to dummy’s nine so that he could ruff dummy’s six of diamonds with his king of trumps. After cashing the queen of hearts, thereby eliminating the suit, declarer led his carefully preserved four of trumps to dummy’s six and called for dummy’s queen of diamonds. When East covered this with the ace declarer discarded the four of cubs from his hand instead of ruffing. East was endplayed and had no winning option. If he led a club, then dummy’s queen of clubs would make a trick and see declarer home. The alternative was to concede a ruff-and-discard with a red-suit return; declarer would discard the six of clubs from hand and make his tenth trick by ruffing in dummy. Accordingly East folded his cards, conceding the rest, and said, “Well played.”