March 29 2019
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The Final: Israel & Denmark 

Denmark Christian Lahrmann, Søren Bune, Andreas Plejdrup, Emil Buus Thomsen & NPC Claus Lund Israel Aviv Zietak, Nir Khutorsky, Amir Ezion, Lior Urman, Gal Matatyahou, Yontan Sliwowicz & NPC Ram Blass
Third and last Set: Just in the first board of the last set Denmark started to pressure Israel. Board 29 Denmark obliged Israel to choose between a double or the 5th level. Israel chose to play 5spade suitand couldn’t make it. At the other table, Israel let Denmark play spade at the fourth level and lost 12 IMPs. Board 32 generated another 8 IMPs for Denmark when Israel went two down in a 3NT game while Denmark made a club partscore. Now the match was Israel 67 – Denmark 62 Board 34 turn up side down the match, Denmark was the new leader. Aviv Zietak (ISR) opened his hand showing a weak major and Andreas Plejdrup (DEN) jumped to game in spades. Easy make and new leader, Israel only played 2spade suit in this board. Now the match was  Denmark 69- Israel 67. Israel made one overtrick for a much needed IMP in the next board. And manage to recuperate the leadership next board when they chose to play a spade partscore while Denmark played a heart game two down. Board 36 gave 8 IMPs to Israel…and an exciting ending was coming, with only 6 boards to play. Now the standings were:

Israel 76 – Denmark 69

Board 38 helped Denmark to recuperate 4 IMPS, they make 4heart suitin one room and were three down playing 2spade suitin the other. Now they were only 3 IMPs away. In the last board Denmark played a heart game with no future against a partscore done in the other table, but a bad return from an Israel player in one of the tricks, let Denmark won the contract and the championship.


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