Source: The Day – 29 Nov 1991 “Why do these things happen to me?” Unlucky Louie pleaded. “What now?” I sighed, knowing I would hear about it whether or not I asked. Dealer South N/S Vul
Q 4 7 3 A K J 6 5 4 2 4 2
10 9 8 7 Q 9 5 Q 10 9 8 9 5 K 6 5 2 10 8 6 4 J 10 8 7 6
A J 3 A K J 2 7 3 A K Q 3
West North East South
Pass 6NT Pass Pass
“We got to a good six notrump,” Louie began, displaying today”s deal, “and West”s spade lead was covered by the queen, king, and ace. Of course, I decided to take the safety play by playing low from both hands on the first diamond.” “Very good,” I nodded. “You guard against West”s holding all four diamonds.” Plays the Queen “”Now what do you do,” Louie asked, “when you lead a diamond, and West plays the QUEEN?” I laughed. “Admit it,” Louie said. “You”d take the ace, just as I did, expecting an overtrick. And you”d go down, just as I did.” “West applied a false carding principle.” I said. “Go ahead and play a card you”re known to hold, or will soon be known to hold.” “Oh no.” Louie growled. “West was a beginner. He said he played the queen to force out the ace.” “Well,” I said, “he succeeded.” And Louie stalked away.